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Art and Wheels Basel is about motorcycles and art and about nothing else.

For the upcoming edition our attention lies on these two elements. The first edition in May 2015 has already shown that this combination proves its value. 

A manageable amount of bike builders and artist from all over the globe have brought their masterpieces to Basel to show them to a bigger audience in the middle of the city. The afflux has excelled all expectations. Also the second edition was spoiled with success and proves the assumption, that the interest in whole Switzerland, the adjoined foreign countries and the scene are huge.

Over the last 2 years the extraordinary non-commercial event developed to a cultural highlight of the special kind. The audience praised the proximity to the producers, the diversity and quality of the presented pieces as well as the urban and central location Basel. 

In 2016 the organizers successfully flew in 2 motorcycles (Sailor Jerry Knucklehead – LA Speedshop & Gillutine – Paul Cox Industries) from the USA and had the privilege to exhibit Luigi Clani’s Münch Mammut. The media response as well as the feedback on social networks has been overwhelming. 

The personal proximity to the international art and motorcycle builder elite allows the organizing team to set new bench marks and to invite the visionaries and trendsetters of the future to the event. Additionally, they had the Europe premiere of the documentary Movie “21 Days Under the Sky” by Michael Schmidt with the main performer Josh Kurpius who was also a guest. For 2017 the goals have been set higher. With a bigger location the organizers have the possibility to give exclusive brands adequate platform and promote local bike builders and exhibitors. In spite of the success – quality and authenticity come before commerce. High-class shall be offered to the bike enthusiastic audience!

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